About Saguaro​

Saguaro's goal is to offer:

  1. High-end quality products for our customers.
  2. Helping our customers to provide the end-user an overall great experience
  3. Innovative and effective solutions which simplify the production time with focus on a streamlined industrial kitchen ​
  4. Our customers a broad assortment of products which will add value and differentiate their business form their customers

​Saguaro has a close business relationship with international wholesale suppliers form mainly the United States and the United Kingdom. This keeps us up to date with the latest trends; which we can implement and help to develop our cus-tomers on the Scandinavian market.​

Food Service Solutions., is a statement that we have chosen because it defines what we do. We collaborate with our customers to develop solutions based on that individual customer's demands. A significant number of our customers offer unique products; and our knowledge of the industry

​and American/ English products available makes us a valuable asset to OW customers.

Knowledge of the Danish food and tax regulations

​Denmark has some of the strictest food regulations in Europe. Its complicated; luxury taxes, food regulations and average container deposits can be a highly t.ious and time consuming process. We have developed valuable experience in these procedures that have given us a distinct advantage on the Danish market. 

There is no guarantee that import products will be approved on the Danish market; to include products from the United States that may have strong brand names. This may be a detail that we can recognize before investing crucial time and money.

Strategic logistical partnerships

After being in the food service supply business for over 14 years now, Saguaro has tried and tested logistical partners, both locally and internationally.

Whether it is name brand products or obscure specialty brands, we have the right business and logistics connections to get the products you want, and not just what is available on the Scandinavian market.

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